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You like me! You really like me!

I have two websites connected with our ministry and Justin redesigned both of them. He did a fabulous job – layout, function, etc. – but he also did it in record time… over a weekend no less! If you’re looking for a website professional, Justin is who you need to choose.

David R. Smith

Christian Author and Speaker, It's Like This

Look, if you’re even thinking about engaging someone to help you with your website setup, you’ve no need to go any further. You’ve hit the home run, right here!!! Justin is EASY to work with, a great communicator, and DOES what he says he’ll do! Done right, done well, and done on time. DO NOT bother to even LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE.

Thank you Justin, I look forward to working with you again, and of course I will refer you whenever I can.

William Lurcott

Owner, I buy houses Northeast Florida Buyer

Justin is very professional, prompt and courteous. He handled my website design quickly. Even when I threw him some curve balls, he caught them! I’d use him again and recommend him to anyone in need of a website that wants a professional techie with a quick turn-around.

Amy Moore

Designer, My Beautiful LLC

My process of having a web site started several months ago. I started by attending a web site design course put on by the local SCORE chapter. It was a great course. I learned how little time it took for someone to decide (8-10 seconds) if they wanted to stay longer on your site. That changed my entire focus–even my web site name and address—and my message too.

I went onto Craigslist and found several inexpensive web site designers. But my son (a computer science Georgia Tech major) looked at what they had to offer, and told me I would be wasting my time and money with them. I later sought names of web site designers from SCORE and the Small Business Development Centers. I met with three different designers and companies. The prices varied from $1500 to over $3000. That was just too much for me, being a startup without any income. I chased all over looking for assistance, including visits to college campuses looking to hire a student.

I ran across a lady who had done her own web site using an internet web site building platform. So I checked that out too. And decided to try that. With the help of a college grad young friend of mine, we started doing my web site. I proved to be much, much, much more difficult than what it looked like. After about a month and about $300 wasted, I turned back to my old standby—Craigslist.

This time, I hit the Jackpot! My son checked out Justin’s website, and gave me the thumbs up. I met with Justin on Friday the 13th for the first time. Today, on the 17th, my e-commerce website is up and running.

I am absolutely thrilled with the site. Not only am I happy with the site, but I am also happy with the platform the site is built upon. I can actually make changes to the site myself. And my computer skills are not much to brag about. After months of struggling, Justin had me going in less than a week. (and at a fantastic price too.)

Thank you Justin. I would highly recommend you to anybody. Anyone wanting more info from me about Justin, feel free to contact me on my web site at


Richard Basaraba

Owner, Orgasm Kit™

Justin is a talented web professional whose versatility and passion make him stand out from other web professionals. He is not afraid to wear several hats or overcome complex technical challenges in order to deliver an effective business solution. I’ve personally witnessed his engagement in a variety of projects as a designer, developer, SEO engineer, and a variety sales and support-related roles. I believe Justin’s aptitude for aesthetics, functionality, and supporting “the larger picture” business objectives of an organization make him an ideal candidate for any team.

Stephen Allen

Network Analyst, Daytona State College

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