What Can I Do For You?

WordPress Web Site Design

WordPress is simple to use, but professional development when building the site is best. Let me put my extensive knowledge of the most popular content management system in the world to use, and build you the web site of your dreams. I can design, develop, secure, and optimize your site from start to finish.

WordPress Optimization

Already using WordPress, but your site isn’t performing as well as it used to, or that you hoped? I can help diagnose the causes of your site running slow, and get things running in order quickly. I’ll find and implement the best caching solution for your host, as well as track down troublesome plugins and database tables.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Want the ultimate in WordPress web site performance and security? I now offer managed WordPress hosting. Ditch the slow shared hosting with hosting companies that don’t care about you and overload their servers beyond capacity. I’ll set up a VPS for you and manage both your server and your web site.

WordPress Security

Is your web site secure? What measures have you taken to prevent hacks? I’ll secure your WordPress site from hackers, locking it down from every angle. Includes protection against brute force attacks, vulnerability scanners, and DDoS attacks. Don’t get held liable for customer data leaks. I can secure your site in under an hour in most cases.

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