About Me

I'm Pretty Great Once You Get To Know Me

In late 1999, I started to get more into computers than I had previously been, and began using the internet at the local college to learn more. It was then that I taught myself HTML, and began creating web pages using Angelfire.com. It became apparent that I had a knack for it, and troubleshooting the code gave me some sort of peace. I began creating simple web pages for friends and family.

In early 2000, I created the first web site I was ever paid for. I did it for a friend I met online, and for a very low cost. I decided to create my own web site at this time. I had made friends with some other people with knowledge of web development, and soon we created an unofficial competition to see who could create the best web site design. I redesigned my web page on a daily basis, and in doing so, I learned a lot, and got very skilled at web design. Of course, I eventually won our little competition, and my friends gave up.

By 2001, I started creating web sites for money, and began to realize this was a very lucrative trade, and one that I deeply enjoyed. I started out creating web pages for friends and family, and eventually graduated to making my own sales to local businesses, and performing remote freelance work for companies online.

In 2003 I got my first real job designing web sites, working for Palm Coast Computers. I remained here until the company eventually went under due to lack of business, and moved on to work for a major web design firm in Daytona Beach.

Over the years, most of my work has been freelance, occasionally working for a firm in-house. I am available for freelance projects upon request.

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